After we exposed the bathroom difficulties of the men of Media Matters, DCist published this helpful primer on ass-wiping protocols, as well as other matters of bathroom etiquette.

We linked to it last night, and now we'd like to mention it again. A reader just pointed out that the contextual ads on the DCist page, generated automatically from the page content using a Google algorithm, "are even more disgusting than the article."


In case you're having troubled reading them, the ads at the top of the page are entitled: "Fishy Vaginal Odor?", "Bidet Seat 1 Cent Sale", "The DivaCup Menstrual Cup," and "Avant Instant Sanitizers."

The sidebar ad, for a new movie called "Brick," is more puzzling. We initially thought that the ad for "Brick" was triggered by the post's focus on shit, but the actual word "shit" appears nowhere on the page. So it remains a mystery.

Also, take a look at this comment to the DCist post:

I have inside information on one of Fox News' Beltway Boys: One has been spotted eating cottage cheese in the men's room. Do you have any tips on proper bathroom manners, like eating cottage cheese?

We may live to regret this -- but if you can confirm or deny the cottage cheese story, please drop us a line.

Hygiene Should Matter at Media Matters [DCist]

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God Bless Contextual Advertising


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