More Fun With Your Press Corps

Any excuse to use this graphic again.

Before there was Kyra's bathroom girl talk, there was your boring ol' print pool, who, bored in New Orleans, are entertaining themselves the only way they can: reacting like 14-year-old girls to B-list celebrity sightings.

**BUT OMG, hold the phone. Rob Lowe is here, too!! Yes - That Rob Lowe. Not dining with the Bush party, of course, but also in the restaurant and sort of....smoldering among the baked ham. The Other West Wing, if you will.***

It gets better -- after a few pool members sing a couple bars of "I Can Dream About You" (which, dear Julie Mason, is from Streets of Fire, not St. Elmo's Fire) to get his attention, they proceed to hold an improptu press conference with him.

Asked what he would say to Nagin and Bush, dining in the next room, Rob Lowe demurred, saying "I only play somebody smart enough to ask those questions." (so do we, but whatever)

And there you go. It's been a moving, inspirational, and very enlightening one-year anniversary, hasn't it?

OMG! Rob Lowe! OMG! Rob Lowe! [FishbowlDC]


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