More Joseph Curl Pool Reports, Please

This morning's White House pool report is a real gem -- and it's short, so we won't even put it on a jump page. Here it is:

joseph%20curl%202%20joe%20curl%20washington%20times.JPGPool Report #1

May 10, 2006

Orlando Ritz Carlton to Asociacion Borinquena de Florida Central Inc.

No news. No sightings of anyone because the press vans were queued far away from the limousines.

Pool gathered in the ritzy Board Room of the Ritz at 7:15 a.m., but the motorcade did not move until 9:04. In the meantime, President Bush did a roundtable interview in the hotel's restaurant Norman's with local newspapers, among them the Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, Palm Beach Post, Tampa Tribune and Orlando Sentinel.

Arrived at event site at 9:32, passing five protesters, two holding signs that said "Bush Step Down." One gentleman made a hand gesture that could be interpreted as saying "Bush is No. 1," but he used the wrong finger, so his message was unclear.

Joseph Curl

The Washington Times

As we've said before, we love it when Joe Curl protests getting stuck with pool report duty by filing snarky, passive-aggressive reports.

(Random question: Wasn't today supposed to be the Washington Examiner's first day on pool report duty? Was there a switch, or has the Examiner been removed from the pool?)

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