More Neighborhood Fun and The Consumption Of All Things Young And Greek

Wednesday, September 16: One can never have too much barbecue. This is an impossible feat. So go, you, to the restaurant Art and Soul where you can eat delicious BBQ! Sit on their fire-pit centered patio and eat meat that comes with BBQ appropriate side dishes for only $25. You can even bring your dog and give it pet friendly beer-- that is, if wining and dining your dog is your thing. [Art and Soul]

  • Thursday, September 17: More BBQ! Poste is hosting a roast baby (animals) day on Thursday, when they will be roasting a baby lamb and a young goat. 6:30PM and tickets are $45. [Poste]
  • Friday, September 18 through Sunday, September 20: Did you know that it's "Chic to be Greek?" According to the Greek Festival it is, so go to it to eat yummy Greek food like baklava, and if you're lucky, you may even see a Greek dance troupe perform. Free. Noon-9PM. [Greek Festival]
  • Saturday, September 19: The newest and best of all the up and coming neighborhoods in DC, the H Street Corridor, is hosting its very own festival this Saturday. Check out the Atlas District because this is where all the pretty new shops and restaurants are; it seems that the old dilapidated buildings are not really what they want you to be celebrating. [H Street Festival]
  • Saturday, September 19: It's the Taste of Falls Church and Fall Festival! On Saturday from 10AM to 5PM check out the festival, where you can ride a pony, eat apples and play in barns. Do so because it is now fall and these are the proper fall festival activities. [Taste of Fall]
  • Saturday, September 20: To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, the Zoo is hosting a celebration of Latino culture and wildlife. It's doubtful that there will actually be Latin American wildlife at the Zoo, but there are super cute pandas! There will also be dancing, crafts, and best of all, Latin American Food.  [Fiesta Musical]

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