More Nice Time: Immigrant-Hating Iowa Rep. Steve King Terrified, Shamed By Polite Messican Children, Other Browns


What happens to a DREAMer deferred? Apparently, s/he and a bunch of friends show up at Rep. Steve King’s Capitol Hill office to shame him for being such a hateful, small, cowardly, xenophobic shitstain toward human beings who were born in other, browner countries. Of course, not being human himself, but rather a crusty, gross old shitstain, perhaps Steve King gets a pass on the whole “has not a shred of empathy” thing. Anyway, good on these kids—they got a Twitter response from King that we feel rates “Instant Classic!”

THE SCENE: A bunch of young people show up at Steve King’s office, politely asking to speak to him or his staff. They do not seem pleased with his stance on immigration reform. Naturally, he tweets this:

Invaded, even! What, do these “brazen” “people” think a Congressman’s office is an appropriate place to air concerns about public policy? Clearly these were not Americans, because Americans know: That’s what comment sections of vulgar political blogs are for!

As it slowly, terribly dawns on King that nobody is coming to save him, he tweets this:

And then... nothing. Perhaps he’s been eaten.



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