More Nice Time! Socialist Boston Schools To Give Free Lunches To Every Kid Including The Poors


Yr Wonkette has made kind of acottage industry about how terrible school districts and states and lunch ladies and errrebody can be about giving poor kids food because socialism or laziness or awfulness or all of them, Katie. But then Boston stepped up, prolly because we have scheduled an awesome party there, to just say "Fuck it. Let's give all the kids free lunch all the time, because we are liebruls."

Boston public schools will begin serving free lunches to all students this school year even if families have the financial means to pay, school officials are expected to announce Tuesday.

The meal program, more than a year in the making, is part of an experimental federal initiative that aims to make it easier for students from low-income families to receive free meals by eliminating the need to fill out paperwork, including potentially invasive questions about income.

Federal initiative, you say? Sounds like more of that patented Bamz socialism doesn't it? Sure is!

The US Department of Agriculture, which oversees school food programs, started experimenting with universal free breakfasts and lunches three years ago, as part of the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act, a centerpiece of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative to end childhood obesity.

You might be thinking "What self-respecting red-blooded 'Merican wants to live in a world where you can't shame the ever-living fuck out of poor kids in order to feed them? Let them not eat cake or anything else!" SPOILER ALERT: If you think this you are a dick and should prolly head on over to National Review Online or track down Megan McArdle because one of them will likely write some sort of post about how starving kids straight to death is just the price we would pay to live in a libertarian paradise. The rest of us will be here having sex so that we can make more babies that can suck off the federal teat and get delicious free lunches because we are INCENTIVIZED, y'all, because a baby is a small price to pay to get free lunches several years in the future. Tastes like freedom!

[Boston Globe]


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