More on the Kerry Campaign's Cast of Thousands

According to the NYT, Cher has offered KE04 some strategic advice (in addition to some memos that will blow Bush out of the water):

Bob Shrum, Mr. Kerry's top strategist, had a telephone conversation with the singer Cher, to thank her for holding a fund-raiser for Mr. Kerry. Cher took the opportunity to advise Mr. Shrum to pull Joe Lockhart, the campaign spokesman, off the air.

"He's too heavy," the sturdy Mr. Lockhart, with chagrin, quoted Cher as saying. "You need thinner people on TV."

Insert Cher-has-a-good-a record-as-Shrum joke here. Also: Is there anyone who doesn't think they could do Mary Beth Cahill's job? As a matter of fact, we're getting a little bored here at Wonkette. . .

Bush Talks About Heart; Kerry Focuses on the Brain [NYT]


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