The connection between Mitchell Wade and Porter Goss is so open and obvious that it's ridiculous how long it took to be brought up. But we hear the Post has some sort of exclusive (whaddya you wanna bet it'll mention Wade but not hookers) coming up tonight. We're guessing it'll be something like: "Porter Goss got lots of money from Brent Wilkes and then promoted his unqualified friend and refused to fire him," which we already knew. If it's about the Watergate (and Westin) cards-'n'-hookers parties, we'll be fucking THRILLED. There's always the chance that physical evidence linking Goss to the Watergate parties has turned up -- like Ken Silverstein's photos, for example.

Anyway, at least one head will roll at the Pentagon and this spells a weird trip back to the headlines for Katherine Harris. And not for her physical attributes. If you're on the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, don't answer your phone for a while.


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