More WikiLeaks Fun: Saudi Arabia Is Running Out of Oil, Fast


When your editor was a child, he used to listen to Warren Zevon'sMohammed's Radio and think, "Well we won't have to be lining up around the block for Arab gasoline when I'm grown up, because we will live in spaceships and I will have sex with Linda Ronstadt all the time, like in that Philip K. Dick book." Linda Ronstadt is old now, too, and Warren Zevon is long dead and so is Philip K. Dick, but we all still have to pretend to pay attention to the Continuing Crisis in the Middle East because even the Prius gets thirsty for that sweet Arabian black tea. And one of the just-leaked leaks from WikiLeaks' broken condom says that Saudi Arabia is totally full of the B.S. when it comes to oil reserves, which were exaggerated by more than 40% and have been rapidly declining since at least 2007.

From the just-posted CNN article headlined "WikiLeaks: Saudi oil reserves exaggerated; decline inevitable":

(CNN) -- Saudi Arabia's oil reserves may have been grossly over-estimated and its capacity to continue pumping at current capacity exaggerated, according to a U.S. diplomatic cable sent from the kingdom in 2007.

The cable, obtained by WikiLeaks and published in the British newspaper The Guardian, cited the views of Sadad al-Husseini who had been in charge of exploration and production at the Saudi state-owned company Aramco for 12 years until 2004 ....

"According to al-Husseini, the crux of the issue is two-fold," the cable says. "First it is possible that Saudi reserves are not as bountiful as sometimes described and the timeline for their production not as unrestrained as Aramco executives and energy optimists would like."

Ha, such diplomatic language! [CNN/Guardian]


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