Mormon Scientologist Hates the Troops!

Was Mormon-Scientologist Mitt Romney sending a secret anti-American pro-Islamic-Fascist message with his praise of I. Robot Eisenstein's "Battleship Earth" series? We think so! Check out this comment on our new favorite blog for comments, the New York Times blog:

Since when do republicans read books? I am one of the few people who liked " Battlefield Earth " The place resembles modern day Iraq and the Aliens resemble our troops, high teching it to defeat.

The number 2 bad guy is a sort of charming Cheney, an exercise in liscence that would freak out Swift.

If you watch it closely you will see a flash of Romney charm from the number 1 bad guy. These guys like we may do, ended up destroying their entire society by getting involved in a stupid war against people who don`t like being kicked around and treated like dirt.

The entire operation to subdue Earth was run for profit by a corporation on the alien home world of Psychlor. Who would ever believe a plot line like that. Any comparison to Halliburton is purely co-incidental.

Charles B. Tiffany

Kissimmee, Florida

Could this be true? Maybe! Nobody has ever actually read that book -- except in Gitmo, where it's used to mentally torture innocent Afghan farmers picked up by bounty hunters from other tribes who sold the captives to the U.S. military, in 2001 -- and no-one alive today has seen the hit movie of the same name. Whatever the case, Mitt Romney's next wives will likely be Kirstie Alley, Juliette Lewis and Chaka Khan, in burqas.

Romney Favors Hubbard Novel [NYT blog]


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