Mormons Love Bush

Polygamy jokes aside, is it any big surprise that Bush's approval ratings in Utah -- 63% at last count -- are higher than any other state's? As Ron Fox, vice chairman of Bush's 2004 campaign effort in Utah explains it, "The people of Utah understand the president's agenda and his focus, the necessity of a war on terror."

Sure, blue-state sophisticates in comparatively safe places like DC or New York might characterize the war on terror as a cynical ploy meant to distract and manipulate the public. But try living in a target-rich environment like Utah, with its vast network of empty highways and its strategic stockpiles of picturesque bighorn sheep. Admit it -- you'd be pretty concerned about terrorism too.

Bush is most popular in Utah [Salt Lake Tribune]

Utah Truckers Watching The Highways For Terrorism [KSL News Radio]


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