Morning Maddow: Here's Rachel Saying 'Shtupping.' Also, Maybe A Murder At Gitmo?

Rachel Maddow leads into this developing story about the firing of the head of the Navy's base at Guantanamo Bay with a quick overview of the David Petraeus affair, noting that Petraeus lost his job as CIA director only after an investigation into what seemed an unrelated matter, and also noting that we still don't know whether Petraeus "will be criminally charged with disclosing classified information to the woman he was shtupping while he was head of the CIA." We think that usage might be a first for cable news, but some smartass with Nexis/Lexis will probably correct us.

The rest of the story is pretty weird, too: Like Petraeus, it turns out that an investigation into one crime has led to a high-level firing, of the aforementioned Navy guy, Capt. John R. Nettleton. Seems the body of an American civilian, Christopher Tur, was found floating in the bay Jan. 11, and the investigation of that man's death uncovered an affair between Nettleton and the dead man's wife. What with adultery being an actual crime in the military, Capt. Nettleton was relieved of duty and reassigned, although he has not yet been charged with anything. And now the Associated Press says that Nettleton "is under investigation in connection with the death" of Tur, the guy found floating in the bay. Mysterious!

OK, mostly we just wanted to bring you Rachel Maddow saying "shtupping." But the rest of it is pretty weird, too.

Doktor Zoom

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