Morning Maddow: Rachel Has Some Silver Linings For You, And One's A Butt (Video)

After Tuesday's electoral disappointments -- disappointments? More like tectonic skullfucking -- we're all in the mood for whatever bits of relief we can find. And while you might expect to find Rachel Maddow singing the blues, if you ask her for some happy news, she'll just smile and say "Tom Butt." Because Tom Butt is the newly elected mayor of Richmond, California, a one-company Bay Area city where Chevron spent over $3 million to try and buy itself a mayor and city council that would be friendly to its huge refinery -- and lost. Tom Butt only raised about $45,000 in a campaign where Chevron bought every billboard in town, and he and the three non-Chevronic council candidates won anyway, so that there is a fine outcome: a city government that "one of the richest companies in the history of the Earth has emphatically not bought and paid for."

Enjoy such solace as you can, and try not to wince too much at the end, where Rachel notes that she's pretty sure that she's listed all the "straws to grasp," and everything else is a shit sandwich. Oh, wait -- there's also some adorable baby pandas.

Doktor Zoom

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