Morons To Run Through Dupont Circle


  • Missy Elliott @ Ibiza, "Missy Elliott helps us old, stodgy hip-hop cats remember that sometimes you have to turn off your brain, because her subject matter rarely veers from salacious come-ons and crowing about her newest material excesses. She knows she can keep the meter stuck on silly and make you powerless to resist it; her lyrics are slick, tasty junkfood and her beats are wonders of gluteal motivation." $20, 9PM. [WP]


  • Idiotarod @ Dupont Circle, "if you haven't formed a team yet, it's technically too late, but you might just still have time to convince a group of your friends to dress up like superheroes, characters from a 1980s TV show, or professional wrestlers, and get together tomorrow to run from bar to bar with a cart in the name of charity." [DCist]
  • Axis of Evil @ the Warner Theater, "a collection of comics with Mideast roots who have formed a niche by taking on Mideast stereotypes and making subjects such as war, terrorism and suicide bombers funny. It's a delicate balance, but one that seems to be catching on with a larger audience." [Axis of Evil]


  • Alice Smith @ the Black Cat, "DC native Alice Smith is building a name for herself on the "urban alternative" scene with the help of her 2006 release, For Lovers, Dreamers & Me. A Grammy nod and TV appearances have put her in the public eye lately. Now based out of Brooklyn, she'll be returning home for a show at the Black Cat." $15, 8PM. [Alice Smith]

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