Most of Army Drunk, Fat

More than a quarter of members report that they regularly drink "heavily," drug use is up, there's been a 20% increase in fat people, and outrageous slapstick football games are happening more frequently than they have in 30 years: the '70s are back in the Army!

Getting liquor or drugs in Iraq is not difficult. One of the most common ways to smuggle in brand name gin or clear rum is in bottles of mouthwash sent from friends back home, soldiers said. Blue or yellow food coloring makes the liquid look medicinal. Some Army medics have been known to fill intravenous fluid bags with vodka, Army officers said.

Vodka in the IV bag? What'll that card Hawkeye think of next?

Oh, also, soldiers keep shooting and raping people, which is a much less amusing reaction to the horrors of war.

For U.S. Troops at War, Liquor Is Spur to Crime [NYT]


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