Most Of Us Have Survived The Swine Flu So Far

  • Hey crazies! Here is an idea: the next time you are tempted to kill your whole family, including your little children, before you kill yourself? Just kill yourself. Your family will be able to live without you. [AP]
  • Does our new president (Arlen Specter) want Hillary Clinton to replace Justice Souter on the Supreme Court? [New York Daily News]
  • Even though the pig flu has not come to Egypt, and even though you can't get pig flu from eating pigs, the Egyptian government wants all the pigs in the country slaughtered. Pig farmers are not so happy about this. [CNN]
  • Amazon will now save our struggling newspaper industry by producing a larger-screened Kindle reader for easy newspaper viewing. Meanwhile, Richard Cohen rolls in his grave, because you can't print the Internet newspaper from your Kindle. [eWeek]
  • Say goodbye to your precious offshore tax havens, rich people. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Having bought a sizable chunk of Chrysler, Fiat would now like to own GM's European operations. [New York Time]

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