• Barack Obama was cold shoppin' for seafood and minding his own Martha's-Vineyard-business when a reporter ambushed him for no reason with insensitive questions about Iraq. Obama responded with the old "We're Buying [Popcorn] Shrimp, Guys. Come On." [Daily Intel]

  • OH NO: In Philadelphia you need a $300 license to blog and/or write lists for eHow. Time to get a real job! [Matt Yglesias]

  • Alaskan moose savant and Sarah Palin protégé Joe Miller needs all of your money so that he forge more ballots than Lisa Murkowski. No time to lose! [RedState]

  • David Paterson is hopeful that the recent New York City (it's a city near Ground Zero) Muslim-Stabbing will help America realize that if Park 51 is constructed so close to Ground Zero even more Muslims will be stabbed, and nobody wants that, per se. [Think Progress]

  • The results from the Weekly Standard Cruise 2012 Straw Poll are in, hooray! Bill Kristol voted for himself and tied for last place with one vote and Congressman Paul Ryan secured a staggering 51 votes, which means he is the president for the remainder of the cruise. [Weekly Standard]


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