Moving Parts

  • This weekend the Bush administration proposed measures to keep Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from collapsing. They involve loans 'n stuff. [New York Times, Los Angeles Times]
  • Joe Lieberman is so ronery. [New York Times]
  • Meet like 50 of Barack Obama's closest friends and advisers! They are all from Chicago. Also, Rahm Emanuel told him once that if he wanted to be left alone when he boards his campaign plane he should put in his iPod ear buddies. [Washington Post]
  • Want to reduce your gas consumption? Drive like an old lady. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The newest issue of the New Yorker features a satirical cover that will be hailed as God's honest truth by a nation of paranoid Bitters who, thankfully, don't read the New Yorker anyway. [Politico]
  • Dick Lugar would like to see more troops in Afghanistan. [The Hill]

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