Mr. Rove in the West Wing with the Blackberry

20050704 Gop Clue Game 400Yeah, yeah: It was Rove behind the Plame leak. Knock me over with a feather. Many on the left want to claim the unveiling of Rove as a victory, but of what, exactly? Rove is probably not going to jail -- the law he may have broken is unclear it looks like did not "knowingly" reveal the name** -- and for this to be a net loss for the administration it would have to look bad. It doesn't look bad. Essentially, Rove got caught spreading petty gossip ("Joe Wilson doesn't wear the pants in his family!") that turned out to be of marginal national security interest.* If you can figure out a way to change a vote with that information, we've got a party for you to run.

What's really scary is that this is how Rove behaved when Bush was had a 62 percent approval rating. Who knows what kind of shit he's pulling now?

* We know we're gonna get in trouble for this. Also we acknowledge that the Republicans are the ones who are supposed believe that there is no such thing as "marginal national security interest."

**Made this a little clearer for everyone who wrote in demanding how I could be so cavalier about endangering the life of a CIA agent.

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