Mr. Rove's Neighborhood

We were struck by this detail in the story about protesters at Karl Rove's home: While he complimented the protesters for their ability "to make his 14-year-old and 10-year-old cry," one of the children was not his. "A White House spokesman said one of the children was a neighbor."

Intrigued by the idea that Rove might be so close to his neighbors that he would claim one of their children as his own, we donation-stalked him, and discovered that it might be a case less of Rove having a family-like relationship with his neighbors' children than Rove kidnapping and attempting to deprogram his neighbors' children: They're all Deaniacs!

It makes for an uncomfortable block party.

We bet he pees in the potato salad. . . . Do not accept a taste of the "Texas style" version.

Neighbor Search []

UPDATE: It's not quite as bad as we thought.


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