MSM Confused As To Why Obama Would Call On The Little Minority Publications


Perhaps the best part of last night's press conference (although there were so many!...??) was that Obamadidn't call on the Washington Post, perhaps because the Post reporter's question about Alex Rodriguez's fancy drugs at the last presser was a real toughy. He also didn't call on the NYT, the WSJ, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, or USA Today, which is of course an Outrage -- especially since he did call on black- and illegal-Mexican-oriented publications, as well as Al Gore's military newsletter! To annoying people such as CNN's John King, this was a "curious" move, calling on the blacks and stuff, proving that Obama is JUST ANOTHER POLITICIAN and, presumably, The Honeymoon Is Over.

John King is, as our tipster wrote, "insufferable," much like the marauding caravan of teevee anuses to whom Obama gave most of his answers. His network colleague Ed Henry, for example -- complete anus. Watch him being an anus here, bragging about his "tough" questioning last night -- he's got some tips for you journalism students! -- and even mentioning the controversial TelePrompTer, a basic means of delivering prepared remarks at the outset of a press conference:

[youtube expand=1]

They will probably give him a CNN teevee show or something for this, because he got the President to call him a retard.

Anyway, John King, writing the INSTA-ANALYSIS for, pickin' apart the motherfucker and examining the important policy aspects of his answers what words he did and did not say and what it all means for his Political Capital.

Ignore the stuff after "That's a deliberate choice by the White House to reach out politically," although it too is funny (Obama did not say certain words so he wants us to be killed by the muslins, etc.) Can this man, John King, be any more smug? Yes, obviously Obama makes evil political calculations like, you know, calling on publications or networks read by his constituencies. And as we may infer from John King, black people and Mexicans will all obviously love Obama even more if they see "their" outlets (they each only have one, and they aren't allowed to read the white newspapers) getting to ask one dumb question on a special teevee show. As for Star and Stripes, well, maybe the military will be so flattered that it will delay the coup a few more months.

Black people and Mexicans make up 25-30% of the country's population. "They" got to ask 2 out of 13 questions, or ~15%. So maybe the DELIBERATE POLITICAL CHOICE Obama was actually making here was to "reach out politically" to the 43-year-old white male douchebag demographic.

Analyzing Obama's News Conference [CNN]


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