Mukasey Just Had A Touch Of The Vapors

Mukasey Just Had A Touch Of The Vapors

Well phew now everybody can just go back to mocking this guy for being a torture-lovin' Bush sellout, because thatscary incident where Michael Mukasey conked out in the middle of a speech did not signify a stroke or a heart attack or anything serious. He just had what a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice called "a fainting spell," which is Republican code for "collapse due to oldness."

Michael Mukasey is the most invisible Attorney General in the world, having followed the two scintillating Bush appointees Alberto Gonzales, a feeble-minded toady who liked to fire people for being Democrats, and John Ashcroft, a Broadway songbird trapped in the body of a Christian conservative. Literally the only thing Michael Mukasey could do to emerge from the shadow of these two giants was suffer a spectacular fainting spell onstage, which he did, and by tomorrow everybody will wake up and be like, "Who is this Mukasey guy? Sounds like a skin rash."

AG Mukasey collapsed in 'fainting spell,' official says [CNN]


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