Murderous Charlatan Donald Rumsfeld Still Terrible At Math


Here is a link to a video, since CNN's embed code is totally borked, for anyone who cares what a disgraced and discredited old sociopath thinks about anything. It is your third most favorite unindicted war criminal, Donald Rumsfeld! He was on the teevee with smarmy phone-raper Piers Morgan, saying words about how scandals are bad.

You do not have to watch this video because here are the best parts:

Pierre asks something like, “Hey, are scandals real?” To which Rommel replies:

“Well, one is bad, two is… four… and three is… ten.”

And also this:

“The old rule is, there are two rules in Washington.”

That is some fascinating math! It is almost like when all the generals say you are going to need a certain number of troops to complete a mission, but fuck that, because it is a known known that “four is ten.” Jesus, this guy.

Your Wonkette remembers a single time, long ago, when Donald Rumsfeld gave us a brief flicker of hope: It was at the very dawn of the Bush Era, before we knew what horrors lay in store, and Donald was giving a press conference to announce he was cancelling the XM2001 Crusader fighting vehicle as part of an effort to recast the military as a “leaner, meaner” fighting force. Good, we thought; maybe a Republican administration will have political cover to finally devise a military policy reflecting the fact that the Cold War was over, and we’d get that peace dividend we’d been hoping for.

Hahahaha we were fucking stupid.



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