Murdoch Hearts Clinton!

Can you feel the love? - WonketteEmboldened by his special holiday with "Labour" dude Tony Blair, News Corp. global superhero Rupert Murdoch is now flaunting his love for "liberal" Bill Clinton.

That's what we're supposed to gather from this little deal (link currently Drudged) in Murdoch's greatest newspaper, The Sun.

"His relationship wlth Bill is developing new dimensions daily," blogs the New York Daily News:

The latest: Murdoch's U.K. tabloid, The Sun, yesterday was raffling off to its readers a chance for one lucky kid, plus guardian, to meet Clinton. "Our lucky winner," says the print ad, "will not only meet the President, but also enjoy a delicious FOUR COURSE lunch."

Four courses! Then again, it's London, so the four courses will all be curry and will all be consumed while staggering around drunk at 4 a.m.

They're not even trying these days. Poppy Bush and Clinton vacationing together, Blair and Clinton giving the corporate pep talk at the annual News Corp. retreat, the Hannity and Lieberman show ....



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