Murphy Wins In Landslide, Unless Tedisco Does!


Once upon a time, a Democrat and a Republicanvied for the seat in the House of Representatives newly vacated by a gun-totin' conservodem who turned into Senator Hillary Clinton. The individual contenders in this race did not matter so much, because national Democrats and Republicans got involved and suddenly it was a REFERENDUM ON CHANGE. Who would emerge the biggest loser, President Obama or RNC Chairman Michael Steele?

Nobody knew on election night, because the race was too close to call and they had to wait for absentee ballots to come in. Today's the absentee deadline, and the Democrat (one "Scott Murphy") is ahead by a whisker, but that's not counting ballots from the Republican stronghold of Saratoga County.

So whoever wins will win by a nose, or a hair, or by the skin of their teeth, but they will get to claim an important and dramatic victory for their party, the end.

Thank you to esteemed commenter "Lazy Media" for reminding us to write about this thing.

Democrat in NY-20 now leads by 35 [The Hill]


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