Yep, that Donald Trump sure is a crazy outlier

Hey, remember Jan Morgan, the Great American Hero who started something of a trendlet last year when she declared her Hot Springs, Arkansas, gun range a "Muslim Free zone"? She's now a minor celebrity in the Wingnuttosphere's Muslim-hatin' nether regions, so it should be no surprise that Fox Business would invite her to share her bestial yawpings on Donald Trump's genius plan to keep America safe by making all U.S. ports of entry "Muslim Free zones," too.

On Tuesday's Making Money with Charles Payne, Andrew Napolitano asked Morgan whether excluding Muslims might be a problem, maybe. Morgan somehow managed not to be aghast that anyone would shamelessly trash the Bill of Rights simply for the sake of publicity:

We especially like how Napolitano set up the interview by introducing Morgan as "a wonderful and notorious defender of basic American values." Morgan chimed in, "The Second Amendment!" which is the most basic American value there is, of course. Then Napolitano got to the Serious Question about Trump's plan: "Is this consistent with basic American values, stopping people at the border for, by virtue of their religious beliefs?" Morgan reeled off a beautiful Stream Of Wingnut self-fluffing in reply:

Well you know Judge, I think it's pretty funny that Donald Trump stood up in front of the world today and said he's basically going to do what I'm already doing at my gun range. He's never been known for being politically correct. We all know that I was the first in the nation to declare my gun range, my shooting range, a Muslim-free zone. Now gun ranges and gun stores in 6 states have followed my lead and are doing the same thing and I think that what Trump meant, he may not always say things exactly the right way, but what he means and he's not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, he's not saying that forever, we're not going to let Muslims in this country. He's just saying, you know, right now we have a problem and until we get a handle on this, for the safety and security of our people, we need to deal with our own internal, home-grown jihad and Islamic terrorism here, before we start opening our doors to let more Islamists into our country, more Muslims into our country. It's kind of hard to determine

[contextly_sidebar id="I1wxfSftlIbGV7b8qw8MrGdYo5mvqxTK"]Quick, rhetoric students! How many instances of "begging the question" can you find in that paragraph? We're especially taken with Morgan's attempts -- once she gets past taking credit for the greatest idea ever -- to be "moderate." Sure, Trump could do words gooder. Also, it's not like Trump wants to exclude Muslims forever. It would only be until we've taken care of our home-grown jihad problem here, which of course we can fix because this is America, and we can fix anything as long as we have a clear goal like, as Trump says, figuring out "what the hell is going on."

In the meantime, why not come on down to the Gun Cave in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and fire off a few rounds in blissful Muslim-Free safety? That's the Gun Cave, don't miss it!

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