Muslim Group Receives a Disturbing Letter About Allen West's Nuts


Allen West is no friend to Muslims, and he will not apologize for this. He has spent far too many hours researching listening to strange lectures about the great Muslim conspiracy against America to reflect or change his mind at this point. Even so, the Council on American-Islamic Relations rolled its eyes recently and thought, "Eh, we'll give it a shot." The CAIR then sent a letter to Allen West, asking him to maybe consider not running around with Islamophobic wackjobs, blabbering about Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood and what not. And then Allen West received the letter, probably had a laugh with an intern who made a joke about nuts while crafting their response, prompting Allen West to say, "HA HA THAT IS FUNNY, put that in the letter!"

And they did put it in the letter, along with absolutely nothing else.

Now, CAIR has received a letter from West with a one-word response to their request. In what the Miami New Times is calling possibly “dumbest thing ever written on congressional stationery,” West simply wrote back, “NUTS!”

Oh relax, Miami New Times, nuts come into contact with congressional stationery pretty much every single day, we bet.

One has to wonder why West chose to respond in this bizarre way. One possible explanation is that West is channeling a famous line by an American general fighting the Nazis during World War II. During a battle with German troops in Western Europe, Gen. Anthony McAuliffe was told that the Germans wanted his men to surrender. He replied, “Us surrender? Aw, nuts!”

No...he is probably just channeling his nuts. [ThinkProgress]


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