'My Fellow Americans: God Bless America'

  • All the Hamas militants are in Gaza's densely populated urban areas (Q: how many "areas" can there be in place that tiny?), so now the Israeli military will be moving into those areas. [BBC News]
  • Ha ha, adorable Jon Hamm got ripped at some Golden Globes afterparty. [AP]
  • Congress wants specifics, in writing, from known weasel Barack Obama about how he plans to spend the rest of the TARP money. [FOX News]
  • A 26-year-old Army sergeant got to be Barack Obama's stand-in at an inaugural dress rehearsal. We shall hope that the real President Obama's inaugural address is slightly more substantive. [Washington Post]
  • The FDA isn't really regulating your food or drugs. Surprised? [New York Times]
  • Stay tuned dudes because in just a few short minutes George Bush will be giving his LAST PRESS CONFERENCE, EVER. We will liveblog it. [Reuters]

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