My Kingdom For A New Robot

  • John McCain and Barack Obama might be the "change candidates" of their parties, but when it comes to economic issues they sound like the same old same old. [New York Times]
  • The fabled Clinton shit list is now hundreds of miles long, and extremely detailed. [New York Times]
  • Republicans don't like Michelle Obama, and will continue to make dumb attack ads about her. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Unlike the past few presidents, who have been governors from far-flung lands, the next one will be a former senator. So it's no surprise that Obama and McCain would seek the counsel of their Senate colleagues instead of farting all over their "Washington insider" ways. [The Hill]
  • Iraqis hope the door doesn't hit the U.S. on its ass on the way out. [Washington Post]
  • Do you have a dog and a Roomba, and does the former not like the latter so much? You are not alone. [Wall Street Journal]

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