My My, Aren't Geopolitics Going Swimmingly This Morning?

* The government thinks Musharraf might not make it. Also that he's slightly terrible. [NYT]

* House Dems give Bush more money for his war, but also tell him he has to end it soon. Way to shake that stick, Demrats. [WP]

* The Shiite-dominated government is the biggest problem in Iraq these days, just edging out Sunnis, Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, the Turkish military, American incompetence, the invention of gunpowder, Blackwater, general poverty, the dry season, the fact that it's the asshole of the world, and the liberal media. [WP]

* Want credit? Move to the 1990s. [WSJ]

* "Roman Catholic voters and lawmakers must heed church teaching on abortion or risk losing their eternal salvation, U.S. bishops said yesterday." [AP via WT]

* "The LAPD today abruptly scrapped its controversial plan to create a mapping program for the city's Muslim community." This happened in the most recent season of 24, and we all remember how bad that was. [LAT]


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