My Other Campaign Vehicle Is a Low Rider

the_name_of_the_fucking_town_is_WHITEVILLEHotline's Last Call asked: "Erskine Bowles said this weekend: 'You are looking at one jacked-up candidate!' Is his campaign being run by Hans and Franz?" We wonder if Hotline is being run by Lorne Michaels. "Jacked-up" is really more of a "pimp my ride" term. Bowles is tricked out, not pumped up. We especially like the little neon runner that they've placed on his undercarriage.

In all seriousness: Could someone please pimp out our man Erskine? A little disco ball, maybe? A fuzzy steering wheel cover? At the moment, we fall asleep just looking at him. . .

Last Call [Hotline/National Journal (sub. req.)]

Erskine spoke with Columbus County voters in Whiteville [Could not make that up. . . -Ed.] June 1st at Konstantinos []


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