MySpace, a Place For Patriotic Exhibitionist Retards

Scientists had long argued that nothing could be stupider than an angry misspelled e-mail to a political website, but the creation of MySpace proved there is something ever dumber: the MySpace comment, becomes it comes with a picture of the author.

The "Worst President Ever" site has received some gems from the MySpace generation. Here are three:

What's up, fat boy? - WonketteFrom: Enrique

i personally think that all you hippie fucken liberals can fucken die check it out if you hate this president so much get the fuck out this country and go live with those fucken sand niggers in iraq BUSH YOUR THE FUCKEN MAN HOOAH!

NO CRY ALBINO, IZ BE OK - WonketteFrom: Pat

fuck u u liberal

Two flags and women's panties, USA USA USA - WonketteFrom: Kris

Your an an uneducated Mutha Fucker, do your research before ya post such stupid commetns.. Bet ya never been to war or even in the service ya kool-aid drinking bitch..

Hate Mail [Worst President Ever]


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