Mysterious Florida Deaths Involve GOP Consultant, God Knows What Else

Suburban Florida Gothic - WonketteGOP Consultant and Rep. Tom Feeney friend Ralph Gonzalez was found dead in an Orange County, Florida home, yesterday, alongside two other bodies, all of whom had been there since possibly Tuesday. Authorities gave next to no details whatsoever as to what the hell was going on, except that it looked like a "murder-suicide."

You can read Gonzalez's impressive bio on the still-active website of his oddly spelled consulting firm:

Prior to founding the Strategum Group, Ralph served at the Republican Party of Florida's House Campaign Division, as Executive Director of the Georgia Republican Party, and is a veteran of dozens of campaigns across Florida, from Mayoral Races to Congressional. He also has international political experience, helping to manage a campaign on the Island of St. Maarten.

Strategum's client list -- mostly southern state reps -- includes a couple notably corrupt pols, including the aforementioned Feeney and former State Rep. Sheri McInvale, once indicted for taxpayer fraud. And CrimeBlog finds that Gonzalez spent a large part of his career just a couple degrees of separation away from Jack Abramoff (Ralph Reed gets around!).

And hey -- Florida Today ran a story that this morning referred to an unnamed "detective" who called the deaths the result of a "lovers' quarrel," though, mysteriously, that language seems to have disappeared from their AP report.

One of the other victims was a man named David Abrami -- apparently Gonzalez's roommate and a former president, naturally, of the Central Florida Young Republicans. Not much has been found about the third body, that of Robert Drake, whom cops are suggesting is the one who shot these two GOP operatives before turning the gun on himself.

WESH TV has a handy Google Map pinpointing the exact location of this bit of bizarre Lynchain violence and mystery.

Where oh where is Donald Sutherland to explain this all to us with a 25-minute monologue. Are there gay Cuban hustlers involved??

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