Nader Baiter: What's Up with Ralph Lately?

pollWe were so caught up in the Democratic primary and, of course, all the gay news, that we sort of forgot about Ralph Nader. But it turns out he's not one of those "If you ignore him, he'll go away" egomaniacs. What's more: People are, like, saying they'll vote for the guy! An AP poll out now:

Bush 46 percent

Kerry 45 percent

Nader 6 fucking percent

Who knew? Maybe this lead-in-the-water problem extends beyond the DC Metro area. It certainly seems to have affected Ralph himself. We look forward -- in a trainwreck/Tina Brown column kind of way -- to what happens when he starts to get all the money the GOP was giving to Sharpton.

AP Poll Finds Bush, Kerry Tied in Race [AP]


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