'Take Yr Pants Off On The Metro' Now An Organized Event


Today, January 6: We used to turn to alcohol to wash away the misery that is the 9-5, but now it's all about the cupcake. Sticky Fingers Bakery in Columbia Heights is offering a cupcake happy hour the first Wednesday of every month. All cupcakes are just $2 apiece. [Sticky Fingers]

  • Thursday, January 7: The no. 2 Texas Longhorns take on the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game on Thursday at 8PM. This is a big game, folks. Best spots to watch it at are the Blackfinn or Vetnor Sports Cafe. [Blackfinn, Ventnor Sports Cafe]
  • Friday, January 8: It's embarrassing to participate in a spelling bee in your twenties unless alcohol is involved, and the Rock and Roll Hotel is very aware of this. They're hosting "Rock and Roll Spelling Buzz," Fridays from 7PM-9PM. You drink, spell, and drink basically until spelling becomes impossible. The winner gets a $60 bar tab. [Rock and Roll Hotel]
  • Sunday, January 10: The fact that it's 10 degrees outside should not stop you from riding the metro without any pants on. Enter the "No Pants Metro Ride 2010." Yes, this is an annual event and yes, you should wear underwear.┬áCobalt Nightclub is hosting an after party with drink specials for anyone not wearing pants, but we recommended putting your pants on at least for the walk over there. [No Pants Metro Ride 2010]
  • Food To Look Forward To: A good bagel is hard to come by in DC, but a new coffee shop is about to open in Adams Morgan and it could very well be bagel mecca that we've all been waiting for...maybe. But, in great burrito news, the best burrito shop ever, Burritos Fast, has reopened in Mt. Pleasant! [Prince of Petworth, Prince of Petworth]

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