Naked Protesters Bend to the Left

recycling cansOMG OMG OMG! News on the convention floor! Something unscripted! Only it was kind of predictable: Protesters get in, shout some crap, get wrestled to the floor and the righteous smugness of convention-goers reaches heights heretofore attainable only by the protesters themselves. Yay.

Of course, the incident does raise important security questions. As one reader asked, "How the fuck did they get in here? I have credentials and I sometimes have trouble!" What's more, according to ACT-UP's press release, these protesters were the same group that got naked and arrested a couple of days ago. Shouldn't the police have recognized some of them? At least parts of some of them?

AIDS Activists Strike Inside the Garden [Indymedia]

[REUTERS/Jeff Christensen]


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