Nancy Pelosi And Paul Simon (Paul Simon, Yes) Have A Deep Relationship Thing Happening


Nancy Pelosi has invited Paul Simon, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to join in our nation's health care and college financial aid debates. Everyone very kindly welcome Paul, Jennifer, and the other one, Matt! These Hollywood celebrities are from out West, way out in California-Town, just like Nancy Pelosi. This is how they know each other, from California. This is also the second time in a few weeks that Pelosi invited Paul Simon to D.C. for the important legislative Beltway work of politics. “The relationships, they deepen with repeat visits,” said Paul Simon. “The more you get to know somebody the longer the conversations get.” Haha, Paul Simon.

Yesterday afternoon while other members of Congress were probably meeting with their stupid loser constituents—who have almost certainly won far, far fewer Grammys than even like, Art Garfunkel, possibly even no Grammys—Pelsoi was with Paul Simon, who, in addition to being the more talented (!) member of a certain 60s pop duo, started the Children's Health Fund. Later she spent time with recovering famous people Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Oh and Jane Pauley was around for some or all of this, if that's the sort of thing that's possibly of interest to anyone anywhere.

[The Caucus]


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