Nancy Pelosi Wants an MJ Resolution With a Public Option


  • You careless fools! Barack Obama's name is misspelled on a diplomatic agreement he signed with Dmitry Medvedev, which means ... Stalin gets East Germany back. How could this happen? [RedState]

  • Did Sarah Palin read a book, or stumble across Wikiquotes? And is there a difference? Let's ask Plato. [Think Progress]

  • The American Hostage Crisis is finally over! [Swampland]

  • What do Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Malkin have in common? Besides having lady parts? They both detest Michael Jackson and his Kingdom of Pop. [The Caucus]

  • "Are Crows The Smartest Birds EVER?" Watch the video! Take the POLL! Did space monsters abduct Arianna Huffington, and then "probe" her? Watch the video! TAKE THE POLL! [HuffPost]


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