Nancy Pelosi's Sinister Hell-Cat Is Trying To Start Something With The British


  • Ooh, big day for George Bush today, when he will be informed that despite whenever epigram he was forced to write out 100 times in Dick Cheney's Schoolmaster Assistant Spellings & Geographies Primer, there is a difference between "authoritative" and "authoritarian." [Daily Intel]
  • Nancy Pelosi is upsetting the entire world by posting YouTubes of her boring cat dressed up like a demon hybrid of James Joyce and a leprechaun. In other words, Nancy Pelosi is the only person in the history of recorded time to put cat-related content on the Internet and have it be met with disdain and not a book deal and a Bloggie. [Gawker]
  • Mickey Kaus is still mad about that JournoList thing! Why is objectivist robber-baron Ezra Klein "privatizing" the Internet by emailing his friends??? [Kausfiles]
  • Barack Obama does this quaint populist ritual in which he reads exactly 10 letters from the pile of 40,000 that are mailed to him everyday. Barack Obama is impossibly weird. [Top of the Ticket]
  • AIG has a new friend in Rush Limbaugh, who will defend the company from Obama's "lynch mob" by unwisely conflating Barack Obama the leader of an activisty band of racist vigilantes. [HuffPost]

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