NASA Also Lost $94 Million -- Possibly In Space, Probably Drunk

'The only danger is if they send us to that terrible Planet of the Apes ...' - WonketteThis week we've learned that some NASA dork sabotaged a computer bound for the International Space Station, another NASA crook stole $150,000 from the space agency, and that the astronuts at NASA have repeatedly piloted the space shuttles while drunk -- which may explain why 40% of the shuttles have crashed. And we learned all of this before today's NASA press conference about all the whacked-out shit NASA has been doing instead of sending spaceships to other planets so we can escape this world before the aliens attack.

NASA deputy administrator Shana Dale last made the news when she had to explain why NASA's astronuts were all crazy and why that one diaper-wearing lunatic Lisa Nowak was trying to kill the girlfriend of another astronut. Today, she gets to explain graft and drunken astronuts and sabotage and the latest loser news from the world's lamest space agency: How did NASA lose $94 million worth of computers and office crap?

And why, after realizing all these computers were vanishing five years ago, did NASA decide to loosen its rules about taking home NASA computers?

The best excuse, from the NYT blog:

Weirdly, the report cites one case of an employee who accounted for a missing laptop computer assigned to him by claiming that it had actually been sent up on the shuttle, broken down and been ejected to burn up in the atmosphere -- and his bosses apparently bought the story.

Woes Enough to Drive NASA to Drink [NYT Lede]



Drunk Criminals, All of Them


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