NASA Is Now 'Discovering' Invisible Space Things Probably Just To Blow Them Up


  • This new tax credit thing for businesses that make up new jobs is not entirely despised by everyone in Congress. Even Eric Cantor is like, whatever! [New York Times]
  • But speaking of "entirely despised by everyone in Congress": Obama's Afghanistan strategy. [Washington Post]
  • NASA has discovered an enormous invisible (?) ring around Saturn that's the size of 1 billion Earths. Next step will be for them to make the case for why we need to blow it up. [CNN]
  • The Taliban in Afghanistan say they have no interest in killing Westerners. Swear to god you guys! [Reuters]
  • The Supreme Court will now decide whether YouTube videos of animal cruelty count as free speech or whether they should be banned forever. [WSJ]
  • And two more Americas (+ 1 Israeli) won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for something about ribosomes, which sounds suspiciously like that thing the Medicine people did. [LA Times]

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