Nashville Es Mas Macho

  • The FDA finally gave the go-ahead to a Menlo Park company to perform a study using embryonic stem cells. Any correlation between this development and the installation of a new president who adds embryonic stem cell "boosts" to his morning fruit smoothies is completely coincidental. [Wall Street Journal]
  • US Treasury Secretary-designate Tim Geithner says the Chinese keep their currency artificially low, which is a very true and obvious point that representatives of the American government are never supposed to make out loud. [Washington Post]
  • Belgium is one of those countries you can reliably mock because nobody will accuse you of being racist, but today news comes that a knife-crazed weirdo killed two kids and an adult in a Belgian day care center, and that just takes all the fun out of mocking Belgium. [AFP]
  • Enjoy your trees while you've still got them, American West! Soon global warming will kill them all. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Hillary Clinton used all her "star power" to shine a splotlight on the glamorous post of Secretary of State yesterday, which is why none of you really heard about it in the news. [Newsday]
  • A high-turnout special election in Nashville helped soundly defeat one of those dumb English-only measures. [Tennessean]

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