Nate Silver Has Mathematical Theory For Prop. 8

Nate Silver Has Mathematical Theory For Prop. 8

Hey gays, you like Nate Silver, yes? He is a vanquisher ofangry cursing wingnuts and the sexual mentor to a hot new generation of polynomials. That's two things to like! In an interview with Queerty he talks about numbers and gay things by explaining why we should blame the passage of California's Prop. 8 not on black people but on old people of all colors and hues. (You will all click the "MORE" button now because Nate Silver is your new Sarah Palin: sweet sexy pageview bait.)

Why do you think Prop. 8 passed?

Well, every year the gay marriage bans have a more and more difficult time passing; this is principally a generational issue, and you have younger, generally more tolerant voters replacing older, generally less tolerant ones. If you sort of plotted those numbers out, and then adjusted for the fact that California is more progressive than other states that had passed gay marriage bans, you could see that Prop 8 was going to turn out to be very, very close — within a few points in one direction or the other. When an election is close, the side running the better campaign is usually going to win. In this case, for better or for worse, the 'Yes' side had a big head start in fundraising in messaging, and the 'No' side couldn't catch up in time.

Well, that is a very sensible thing to say! Nerd.

Nate Silver on African-Americans, Prop 8. and Being A Hero to Gays & Geeks Everywhere [Queerty]


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