Nate Silver's Famous Coterie Of Trick-Performing Numbers Heads Your Way

Nate Silver's Famous Coterie Of Trick-Performing Numbers Heads Your Way

It's very arguably GOP-themed reading week here in DC. In what way? Well, let's see, someone tries to make the case for a political interpretation of the Legend of Reagan, and then something about hip hop which, by law, Michael Steele is "down with." Anyway, there's also Adolf Eichmann, William Marbury, and Nate Silver, kind of.

Monday, March 16: Ooh, a new book about Reagan, a Hollywood actor in whose image we were all created, in 1980. It's called the Rebellion of Ronald Reagan and it is a graphic novel that is a retelling of the ancient Sumerian epic in which Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviets with kindness. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

E. Ethelbert Miller has this feelingsy book about baseball and the blues, which he will be signing tonight at Busboys & Poets. 7 PM. [Busboys & Poets]

Tuesday, March 17: Finally! It's time for the tropical prequel to Eichmann in Jerusalem. Meet Hunting Eichmann, a beachy daiquiri-soaked adventure about Eichmann's Argentinian years. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Wednesday, March 18: If you're "into" baseball you probably already know all about Baseball Prospectus, which is some baseball predictions catalog thing. But even if you don't know about baseball, you probably know from late night Wikipedia visits that this thing is vaguely affiliated with a one Mr. Nate Silver. (He sold Baseball Prospectus the rights to his new invention, math, a few years ago.) 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Adam Bradley will be on hand to talk about "the Poetics of Hip Hop." 7 PM. [Busboys & Poets]

Thursday, March 19: Leaving India: My Family's Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents is a suitably self-explanatory title. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Friday, March 20: Another member of Columbia's Middle Eastern Studies department stops by Politics & Prose. His name is Mahmood Mamdani and his book is Saviors and Survivors. It guarantees to be an alliterative evening. [Politics & Prose]

Saturday, March 21: Marbury vs. Madison! A Supreme Court case from long ago that most recently fell into contemporary discourse after tired old vaudeville act Sarah Palin was famously asked to name a Supreme Court case other than Roe vs. Wade and every person in America over nine -- and probably even Trig and the other one, Willoughby -- could immediately recall, at the very least, Brown vs. Board of Education, Bush vs. Gore and Marbury vs. Madison. Anyway, relive the excitement, etc. 6 PM. [Politics & Prose]


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