Nation Free To Smoke Up With Impunity

  • Not everybody who works in the AIG Financial Products division is a reckless, greedy, immoral derivatives trader. There are secretaries, too! [Washington Post]
  • The House will vote today on a bill that would tax the living crap out of bonuses awarded to wealthy employees of bailed-out companies. [AP]
  • The dollar dropped after the Fed announced a plan to buy $1.2 trillion in Treasuries. [BBC News]
  • President Obama will give a very undignified interview on the undignified late-night talk show, Goliath-Chin Tells Jokes For Old People, in an attempt to sell his economic plans. [New York Daily News]
  • Up-and-coming bands and musicians such as Metallica and Kanye West will be playing shows at South by Southwest this week. [CNS]
  • Huzzah, our new liberal attorney general has decided to end the Bush administration's dumb policy of raiding medical marijuana distributors all the time. [New York Times]

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