Nation Of Derelict Wastrels

  • America's newest enemy in Iraq: electrical fires, which broke out 283 times in a single six-month period due to bad wiring by military contractors. [New York Times]
  • Air Force bigwigs really really really want $16 million to spend on some weird luxury space-cabins they would put inside their planes to help fight the Global War on Terror, and Congress keeps saying no. [Washington Post]
  • Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman is running for governor and all her fellow Republicans hate her because of her Global War on Earmarks. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Nancy Pelosi wants another $50 billion for an economic stimulus package. [The Hill]
  • Barack Obama has 300 people on his foreign policy advising team. Is this the beginning of a gloriously bloated bureaucracy? [New York Times]
  • America has become a nation of whores willing to do pretty much anything -- literally anything -- for a free gas card. [Reuters]

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