Nation Of Poor Stock-Pickers And Corrupt Dillweeds

  • Maybe the super-cheap Detroit bailout will finally give Wall Street the shot in the arm it really needs! Or stocks could open slightly higher, then plunge precipitously, then slowly creep back up and bobble around the rest of the day, as is their wont. [AP]
  • Oh good lord. It is "unclear" whether the White House will be able to get enough Republican support to pass the auto bailout. You know, the auto bailout that's TWO PERCENT of the size of the funds they gave to Hank Paulson to do whatever, for his beloved banks. [New York Times]
  • Whoops, the Greek teen whose death set off five days of rioting appears to have died from a ricocheting bullet. [AFP]
  • People across the country are "calling in gay" today, but your Wonkette editors will honor the occasion by writing about ass-fucking. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Legg Mason's Bill Miller stands as a sterling example of somebody who looks like a really really smart financial guy until he looks like the biggest dingus on the planet. [Wall Street Journal]
  • So far, it does not appear Barack Obama's purity has been compromised by this Blagojevich ugliness. [Washington Post]

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