Nation Of Swine

  • The Department of Justice's ethics office would like to see the AG re-open several cases of detainee abuse in which interrogators went beyond the torture allowed by protocol and did their own "illegal" torturing. Which is good, except that it will criminalize only the people at the bottom and not the jackals who created the policy, etc. [AP]
  • Somebody in Afghanistan has been reading Rules for Radicals, because we have not seen such wide allegations of vote fraud since ACORN and Saul Alinsky stole Virginia from John McCain. [AFP]
  • Hurricane Bill rained on both the Clintons' and the Obamas' vacations, but did no long-lasting damage before he petered into a tropical storm. [Reuters]
  • Many auto dealers saw a surge in interest over the weekend with "Cash for Clunkers" about to expire. [AP]
  • Health insurance company employees, tired of seeing their demonic employers demonized, have started attending town hall meetings (armed with talking points) in the hopes of defending their industry. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Children are disgusting germ-covered disease vectors, which is why they and their favorite hangouts (i.e. schools) must be monitored closely to halt the spread of swine flu. [Washington Post]

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