Nation Of Uninsured Jobless Iraq-Forgetters

  • The black box of the most recent Airbus plane to crash in the water has been located. [BBC News]
  • The ousted president of Honduras threatens to return; the new president says he'll be arrested if he does. [Washington Post]
  • Huzzah, the month of June saw the fewest job cuts since October of 2008 -- a month which, you'll recall, was pretty goddamn grisly, in terms of job cuts. [Reuters]
  • The first day of Iraq's auctioning of oil-field development rights didn't go so well after foreign companies balked at the paltry incentives the Iraqis were offering. Now Iraq's cabinet is reviewing stuff and discussing the issue, which is to say, "talking it over with my manager," exactly like a used car salesman. [AFP]
  • As American troops finally withdraw from Iraqi cities, WaPo's Dan Balz asks, "Have we forgotten Iraq?" Iraq who? [Washington Post]
  • Another poll shows support, or not, for President Obama's health care plan.[CNN]

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