Nation Survives Brief Bush Presidency

That was close, America ... - Wonkette"Vice" president Dick Cheney had his robotic heart replaced this morning, apparently without complications, and "resumed his normal schedule" of whatever he does on Saturday afternoons -- probably reading the new Harry Potter book, working in the garden, or bombing some Muslims somewhere, possibly in Iran this time.

While Cheney was under the knife, George W. Bush enjoyed two hours of being "in charge." White House spokesman Tony Snow said Bush sat in Cheney's chair, pretended to talk to "big important people" and "the King of China" on the telephone, appointed his dogs to the Supreme Court, and had "secret service agents" accompany him to lunch at an Applebee's in suburban Maryland, where he enjoyed a "presidential burger" with curly fries and then had some ice cream.

Cheney's heart device replaced [Washington Post]


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